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Standing in Our Own Way …and a Way To Help Us Achieve

Lately I have been thinking alot about the things I feel I ‘should’ be doing, but don’t. I love to meditate alone, but also using CDs but often it just seems like work to clear a space, get my computer moved so I can listen, unplug the phone…etc…I should exercise more but I don’t know how to use the DVD player, I can’t find the DVD I want etc. I want to easily create healthy meals but it is ‘easier’ to just throw in some pre packaged stuff. 

Why don’t we do these things? What makes them so hard? Some might say that we ( and I ) are just being self-defeating. Our self talk is all wrong…and would be right about that…. but also…what if…what IF we took some time to set up our life, not to force ourselves to do things…but to make it EASIER to do them? Create SYSTEMS to give ourselves less reason to hold back? 

This weekend I located a CD player, plugged it in, piled the meditation CD’s next to it. Cleared a perfect space in my bedroom. Made it clean and comfortable and pulled my beloved meditation cushion into it. Now it is EASY to take the few minutes I need to meditate. 

What I am saying is find those ways…create those systems…pre-pack that gym bag and throw it into the trunk of your car. Take the logistical excuses away. It will only take a few minutes and I bet it will change your life.  

Please let me know some of the Systems that YOU have created to live your best life. I really want to know…maybe they can help me or others!  

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The Busy Girl’s Guide to AWESOME – 7 Things to Keep You Centered

I am busy. Some would describe me as crazy busy. I have 3 kids at home, my husband works away often, I live on an acreage with tons of upkeep and I spend 2-3 hours in my car daily. I work, I run a business and my kids are all in activities, I sit on the executive of some boards, I teach, I learn and I volunteer. I am so busy giving that I often forget myself. I have a few things that help and keep me in line. This is my go-to list but maybe something will resonate for you too.

1. Take time to meditate. This is not hours long ‘Ommmmmm’ sessions. Sometimes I get 5 or 10 minutes. I set my alarm on my phone and stop to breathe. Sometimes I pop in a cd that is a guided one for say…20  or 30 minutes. Sometimes this is in a car waiting outside a rink or a dance studio. You do not need to be in lotus position or have a ton of time. It centers me and clears my head.

2. Choose an attitude. I make a conscious choice. Who do I want to be today? Not necessarily ‘me time’ but it affects my whole day.

3.  Do something that you are passionate about. Talk about it. Get everyone excited that you are doing it too. I love to do make-up for theater productions. I don’t do a ton, but when I d0, it energizes me and makes me remember who I am (beyond mummy and wife and all of those other hats that we wear)

4. Take time to see a friend. Sometimes a walk or a tea with a friend is almost a mini-vacation. Choose someone who makes you feel GREAT. Surround yourself with people who make you better, wiser, stronger… not ones who make you feel guilty or insignificant.

5. I gave permission to a couple of friends to remind me to spend some time with ME! They are my ‘guardians’. I admit it. Sometimes I need a keeper. They are totally allowed to call me out on being too centered on everyone else and give me that push I need for ‘me time’.

6. Take mini-me time. For me…an hour in Chapters with a latte and I feel like a new woman. If  I am out running errands I will treat myself to a lunch like Sushi that my family doesn’t like. You have to eat anyway…why not something you love?

7. Be Grateful. I can’t tell you how easily you can change your state by listing off the things you are grateful for. The more you do it the easier it becomes. By the way…this is YOUR list, no one is listening or judging you for it…so if chocolate chip cookies come before your mother-in-law…don’t worry – I won’t tell!

©Jolie Engelbrecht 2012