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Social Media for Do Gooders! 3 Ways it has uplifted me.

So in the past couple of days the opportunities to do some good deeds have surrounded me. I have been smiling at the pictures of humans helping humans and hearing wonderful stories.
Social media is being used to spread these  stories quickly. The eastern United States just suffered a terrible storm, Hurricane Sandy, and hundreds of thousands of people in New York City are without power. One guy had an idea that since he HAD power, he would share, and set up a charging station for people’s cell phones. A picture was taken and spread like wildfire. This simple, helpful idea inspired many others to do the same. They may not have had the idea themselves, but it is an easy and do-able way to help. I love the idea of posting great ideas like this and will make an effort to do it in the future.
This spirit of giving has shown up in other ways to help as well. A cousin of mine passed away at the young age of 33, leaving behind a 1 year old daughter who is deaf. Her aunt has decided to raise money to be able to get her the implants she needs and to fund all of the expenses around the travel and care of this beautiful little girl. Within minutes of posting the need for auction items I personally had 8 people offer their help. Tickets to the steak night sold out within a day.
For those dog lovers out there…I live near a small town. A gentleman I don’t know lost his beloved yellow labs. I don’t know him at ALL, but a friend of mine texted me and asked me to post asking if anyone had seen them since I have a large amount of people that see my posts. 3 people responded and 2 referred me to a closed Facebook Group they were part of and I was not. A lady had found them and posted there. These amazing connections allowed me to make a wonderful phone call to the dog’s owner and tell him where he might find his companions. Connecting them made my day.
You don’t have to actually know people to do good deeds. The opportunities surround you…all you have to do is take them.

©Jolie Engelbrecht 2012

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Going the Extra Mile

I had the opportunity to spend last week with some pretty unique individuals. One of my good friends is an active and ardent U2 fan and has spent significant effort developing relationships with many people who share her enthusiasm for this amazing band. She was very generous in including me not only in a piece of her 11 show odyssey this summer but also introducing me to some other super fans.
We stayed at a downtown Edmonton hotel and participated in a number of fan get-togethers. We also spent time visiting some of these same people who camped out in the General Admission line for 2 days.
The second day we were in town, we went down to breakfast and had a wonderfully cheery waitress. I always enjoy good customer service and spent some time visiting with her. On the way to the buffet I happened to notice a piece of the Edmonton Journal that had a huge picture of one of the new friends I had made. I excitedly brought it back to our table and my friend was tickled. We knew there would be an article but we had no idea that it would be a page and a half with huge pictures of three people we knew. In addition to that there was a second article that actually mentioned my friend as well.
I called our lovely waitress over and asked her if we might keep the section of the newspaper. She asked about the article and all about the concert. Then she smiled and said maybe she could do even better than letting us just keep that one paper. She went to every spot they had papers in the lobby and restaurant and brought us several copies of the article. In addition, the next morning she greeted us warmly and presented us with 2 additional copies she had located for us. She was Present in her job, saw our interest and Made Our Day by going the extra mile to make sure we could share them with our friends. She personified all of the things I teach every day.

©Jolie Engelbrecht 2011