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Today I had an awesome lunch date. Just me, and a friend’s daughter, who is 6. Dining with kids can be a source of great reminders for all of us. Here are just a few: Image


  1. Everything is interesting…take a moment to admire the light fixture, the people, the food.
  2. Potential friends are everywhere…smile and people will smile back.
  3. Ask questions…you never know what you will learn.
  4. Be excited about the stuff you learn.
  5. Everything can be a game. Everything.
  6. Talk more than you eat. Sure you are at lunch to quell the hunger but your brain is hungry too.
  7. Sometimes the important stuff needs to be repeated, relived, and relished.
  8. Be caring. Be helpful. Be kind. Be interested.
  9. Assume people are wonderful, because they are.


Have more bits of wisdom you picked up from kids? Share with us in the comments! 🙂

Have an Outrageously Happy Day!

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Constantly on the run, Jolie works hard to wear all the hats in her life. She has 3 kids in activities, one in post secondary, volunteers in the school and community, works for a communication company and sits on the executive of several committees. She is married to a great guy who travels constantly. She is a city girl who lives on 20 acres. She owns Angelfish Consulting and is a certified facilitator of the FISH!™Philosophy, providing fun and motivational workshops to businesses. She is also a Certified Life Coach. She is an advocate of doing your best to live a balanced life. Sometimes, if she is lucky, she gets a workout in or time to weed her garden. If there is a little dust on the knickknacks… will have to wait.

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