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Making Their Day-Granny Style

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My Granny is this amazing women…she just draws people to her with this great mixture of genuine caring and always remembering what people like.

Today at lunch she asked me to take her on an errand. She pulled out this pink bag and fiddled with it when she told me her story. Apparently she was in a thrift store earlier in the week she met this young girl, 6 or 7 years old and her brother.  The little girl was looking worried and Granny knelt down and asked her what was the matter. The girl opened her little fist and showed her a heart locket. She said…’I love it but I don’t know which chain it is from.’ My Granny smiled and matched it with a chain off the rack that was  beside them and said …’There…isn’t it pretty? ‘   The little girl nodded and smiled shyly. Gran said ‘Well honey maybe your Mommy will buy it for you.’ The little girl looked at her sadly and said her Mommy was dead. Granny’s heart just stood still. She said ‘Wait here’ and took the necklace and paid for it. In the meantime the children’s father had wandered over.

Gran being Gran said ‘Oh Good! I wanted to meet you to tell you I bought this for your daughter.’ She also smiled and handed a dollar to the little boy. He didn’t want to take it but she told him it was only fair as his sister had been given a gift too. Then, in her amazing way, after a five minute conversation she had most of the father’s life story. His wife had passed away 5 years before and now he was really cautious about who would be a female figure in the children’s lives.

She leaned toward me and continued with her story. She said…’You know …that little girl LOVED that locket…but when she put it on it was too tight for her.’ She went on to say she kept thinking and thinking about it…and then she opened the little pink bag she had with her at the table.  She had a gift box inside with a longer chain from her own jewelry box as well as another pretty necklace that she thought the little girl would love. In her chat with the father…she had found out where he worked.  She asked if we could make a little stop. I can tell you …she managed to Make that Family’s day not once…but TWICE.

I constantly look for ways to make people’s day but WOW. I have NOTHING on my Granny.

©Jolie Engelbrecht

Author: joliessmiling

Constantly on the run, Jolie works hard to wear all the hats in her life. She has 3 kids in activities, one in post secondary, volunteers in the school and community, works for a communication company and sits on the executive of several committees. She is married to a great guy who travels constantly. She is a city girl who lives on 20 acres. She owns Angelfish Consulting and is a certified facilitator of the FISH!™Philosophy, providing fun and motivational workshops to businesses. She is also a Certified Life Coach. She is an advocate of doing your best to live a balanced life. Sometimes, if she is lucky, she gets a workout in or time to weed her garden. If there is a little dust on the knickknacks… will have to wait.

One thought on “Making Their Day-Granny Style

  1. Jo, this melts my heart and is totally her! I just love that you shared this!!! I try so much to be like her but nothing compares! Thank you, i looooove this and her and you!!!! XOXO

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