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No Limit on Happiness

You hold the key to happiness in your hands.

Recently a few tragedies have touched my life in different ways. Seeing friends and family coping with things like losing a child or a terrible health problem really make a person stop and reflect on what you are doing. I watch people go through their lives saying…” I’ll be happy when…”
It is a line that seems really innocent, however it is really misleading. Sometimes we all get so caught up in chasing our ideals we forget the here and now. We forget the beauty of watching the sun rise because we are in a hurry to get out the door to work. We think we will play that card game with our kids in the winter, but it never happens. We will be happy when the garage is cleaned out, or we lose that weight or when the mortgage is paid off. We will work on our relationship once the baby can sleep through the night or once they are out of diapers.
The reality is that there is nothing wrong with those statements as long as we don’t forget that we can be happy NOW as well. There is no limit on the happiness we can have so why don’t we enjoy it right here, right now AND later?
So give your loved ones that extra hug. Tell them you love them. Do a random act of kindness. Take that class you always wanted to. Dance around your living room. Stop and help that little old lady get across the street. Live the life you are meant to and do it now. Later will get here when it does…but imagine…who you could be if you lived your life like the happy person in your daydreams?

©Jolie Engelbrecht